by wolves

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All songs written by: Wolves
Recorded/Mixed by: Alex Estrada at The Earth Capital
except "EXITS" Recorded/Mixed by: Michael Escanuelas at The Backyard


released 04 August 2013



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Lack Father, Like Son
This is not the way I want you to listen
as I'm giving you these words
I can tell that chances are you're already failing
No, its not flattering
all I hear are your excuses
I wonder what will happen to you

No love, no penances, no heart, no settling
no one will get you through the day
act like you did!

what are you, what are you saying?
why are you, why are you breaking..away?

can you hear me now
can you see me now
your blood means nothing
nothing to me

this is not how sons imitate their fathers
this is how the father ended up in the grave
and with my last breaths, I'll say to your face
I won't surrender to this family name
Track Name: New Avalon
The lonely man picks up his feet
as sweat and blood hits the dirt floor
The lonely man picks up a drink
and lifts his glass, here's to the end

His whole life has been a ride
with thorns and highs
in this old town
and his old wife has left his side
for another man with power and time

This is your life, you will get by
all the pain and the hurt
all the wrongs and the rights

This is your life, fight the good fight
don't let the doubt carry you out

These pages don't write themselves
you're the author and the pen
and you decide what will come next
These pages don't write themselves
and you decide how this will end
Track Name: Black Atlantic
I found myself in the sea
I'm under the waves (under the waves)
and to the ground I speak for a chance
just to feel like I'm alive again
over the waves, over waves
into the walls I stay
theres no other way

This is what I did, this is who I am
am I losing grip of the world
This is what I did, this is who I am
nothing to do but fall

With the last chance I've got
I failed and threw all that I have
and the chances I've lost
All I can blame is me

So listen
My hands are reaching
for help in this treacherous cold
and with both feet in the soil
I find myself in the struggle

My hands are shaking
My heart is racing
this is not where I wanted to be

It seems that I'm alone
just out here with no one else
and these waves have washed all hope
I wont find my own way home
Track Name: Writing Changes pt. 2
Beleive everything I have to say
but the lasting impressions would make
a deafening noise, you will feel all the pain
from the words that will come out my head

This is a war of words

The words you've said have left scars on my head
and as I fight for dear life all alone
but my words have built my own fort to escape
the fires of my burning heart

this is what I've been told
this is me letting go

Dear ma'am, the thing I see
are those blaming fingers pointing back at me

this is our fight,
this is a war
this is the time
for the war of words My escape is today
I wont surrender to your words
I wont give in flames
I'm writing all the changes

My escape is today
this war has just begun
and these scars prove my fate
its not my funeral

My escape is today
please remember my face
and with these hands I would take
what is rightfuly mine

My escape is today
this is my swan song
my words killed your faith
its not my funeral
Track Name: Exits
I've been reading through
these books I admire
as its pages go blank from the scar
from the pictures you've left in my heart
of that goodbye

My confidence
has taken its toll on my words
and as the days end
I'll be the one thats left

I've been holding on the walls of whats left
from the last night you said
the words the broke our innocnence
that was our way out